Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Dream Syndicate - Burn

Album: The Medicine Show (A&M, 1984) Chart pos:N/A

This is a band that I have gone crazy over for the post couple of years, hell my appraisal of the band’s debut album Days of Wine and Roses was published on the Mojo Magazine website. Now I’m wondering why it took so long to write a blog entry on this band, so today I’m going to look at one of their lesser known songs.

For those who aren’t in the know The Dream Syndicate were part of the Paisley Underground scene (the one that produced The Bangles FYI) which was a scene composed of ex-punks who sought solace in Neil Young, The Velvets and The Byrds. Disappointingly many of the bands were chewed up and spat out by big labels (execpt The Bangles of course) and the Dream Syndicate were no exception.

The Medicine Show was the Dream Syndicates second album and their major label debut. The third track on side 1 Burn is a standout track with its rousing chorus and widescreen Sonics. Unfortunately the band's college radio fan base scoffed at their new polished sound, pining for the rough sound of their debut. The band were dropped from their major label recording contract and R.E.M a band with similar influences sold millions of records as the Dream Syndicate floundered.

Here’s an interesting feature on the scene presented by Andy Kershaw before he lost the plot.

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