Thursday, 10 March 2011

Etta James - Out on the Street Again

Album: Come a Little Closer (Chess,1974) Chart pos: US(R&B)#84

Dem Heroin withdrawl blooze.

Any Etta James comp worth its weight in gold has at least 3/4 of At Last! (her best album IMO),huge chunks of her muscle shoals sessions and finally some of her later funkier material. This number with its extended funky intro (Etta doesn't sing a note for the first 90 seconds) is possibly her most underrated moment. Etta is on fine form despite being in the middle of Heroin withdrawal (she recorded this on day release from rehab).

Its a pity that some of Etta James' music is out of print, or in some cases not even available on CD. I think somebody should petition Universal who own the Chess back catalog to re-release her OOP albums. Once upon a time Temptations fans managed to successfully petitioned Universal to remaster Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin's solo records.

Sometimes its easy to find a cheap copy of the album on Amazon

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