Friday, 11 March 2011

The Brains - Money Changes Everything

Album: Single (Grey Matter, 1979) album: The Brains (Mercury, 1980) Chart Pos: N/A

The Brains are a band that I discovered via scouring the internet looking for rare music. Legend goes that this obscure band was plucked from obscurity when Cyndi Lauper covered this track, pity it was half a decade after the band split up after being chewed up and spat out by a major label with nary a hit. These days the band are almost forgotten due to the fact that none of their work has been released digitally, Which is a pity. even though they weren't quite as good as The Cars or Devo the two albums they released on Mercury were impressive. If you could imagine a nerdier (and slightly more pissed off version) of The Cars and you have a pretty good idea of this bands music.

Here's a link to the album and the rest of their back catalog.

Tom Grey the lead singer still plays the song with his new band Delta Moon

Funnily enough Arcade Fire have played the song live before.

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