Friday, 18 March 2011

Momus - Hairstyle of the Devil

Album: Don’t Stop The Night (Creation, 1989) Chart pos: N/A

He's got a devils haircut on his mind.

Momus (aka Nick Currie) was on Creation back in the days when they could barely sell an album, during his tuenure on the label he released 7 albums during his tenure on the label. Ironically being dropped because of the fact his affair with a teenage girl of bangladeshi caused some pissed off bangladeshi guys to threaten label boss Alan Mcgee.

Hairstyle of the Devil from the album sound an awful lot like a low rent Pet Shop Boys led by a lanky sex obsessed scottish guy. The songs sleasy razor-sharp wit no doubt owes a great debt to Serge Gainsborg as well.

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  1. Such a fantastically cheap but great video. I remember playing this endlessly back when it came out.

    I've dug out my twelve-inch version and posted about it over on my blog.