Friday, 3 September 2010

Buzzcocks - Why Can't i Touch It?

Album: Singles Going Steady (EMI, 1979) Chart Pos: UK#29 (B-Side to Everybodys Happy Nowadays)

Possibly the greatest B-side ever.

This is a band i keep on forgetting about until somebody looks through my MP3 collection and tells me how wonderful this band is. Singles Going Steady is possibly one of the greatest best-of's ever made in the fact that it flows as well as any of their albums. Which is pretty good for a compilation album that was tossed off for the US market. One of the lesser known songs on the album Why Cant I Touch It? was the B-side to the already brilliant Everybody Happy Nowadays, yet still manages to surpass the A-side. Even though the song deals with the same old themes that they dealt on every other song they did (e.g. teenage lust and sexual frustration) it manages to sound much different. This is down to the fact that the song has a relaxing, hypnotic and angular groove that's so damn good even if the song went on for another ten minutes, it'd still be difficult to press the skip button.

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