Thursday, 2 September 2010

Johnny Ace - Pledging my Love

Album:N/A (Duke,1955) Chart pos:US#17

Watching allot of Martin Scorsese's films its easy to realise that he is the master of using popular music in films, even Tarantino pales in comparison. This song in particular was used within a fight scene in Mean Streets. Every time I listen to the song it seems to bring up images of Scorsese or Abel Ferrera's grittier films (the song was also used in Bad Lieutenant). Also what seems to strike me is how haunting this song sounds, much of this is possibly due to the fact that Johnny Ace like that guy from Chicago (the band not the city) blew his brains out playing Russian roulette* a year before the song's release. Either that or the fact it was also used in the film Christine.


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