Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Album: The Runaways Chart pos:N/A

The queens of jailbait

The film The Runaways (finally) came out in UK cinema's last week and being a big (abeit casual) admirer of Jaon Jett's solo stuff I decided to watch it. Even though the film didnt blow me away I still rather enjoyed it and Dakota Fanning and Kirsten Stewert were pretty good playing Cherie Currie an Jaon Jett respectively, I think it helped that I didn't know a great deal about the band.

It seems the more you know about a musical artist/band the more you hate the biopic. I saw the Serge Gainsbourg biopic and hated it because I felt upset that large chucks of his life was missed out. I hoped to see Gainsbarre upset France Gall by telling her La Sucettes is an metaphor for fellatio. So one day i hope to start buying some Runaways albums and reading their autobiography only to realise that despite the good performances the film is crap.

Looking from the video its quite unnerving seeing a fifteen year old gyrating in a basque and stockings.

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