Thursday, 22 July 2010

Minnie Riperton - Les Fluers

Album: Come Into my Garden (GRT,1970) Chart Pos:N/A

Offbeat psycadelic soul masterpiece.

As i have said before in a previous blog entry I hate Mariah Carey's music with a passion. One of her trademarks is to really hit the high notes for no other reason than to show off her five-octave vocal range, let's just say it doesn't impress me much. Until recently i would say the same about Minnie Ripperton who is possibly Mariah Carey's biggest influence by far. Here sole hit Lovin You is in my opinion possibly one of the most syrupy songs ever written epically when Minnie racked her voice up into the higher registers.

The turning point came when i was watching some clips from a documentary about her life they played the song Les Fluers in the background and quite liked it. Surprisingly enough I discovered before her success with Lovin You she made an album with psychedelic soul genius Charles Stepney. When I eventually got around to listening to it I discovered it want half bad. Les Fleurs is the opening cut is a lushly orchestrated number with Minnie singing from the perspective of a flower. Even though Minnies music has been sampled to death by hip hip artists its surprising that this is possibly the least sampled song in her oeuvre.

R.I.P Minnie Ripperton (1947-1979) Charles Stepney (1931-1976)

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