Monday, 19 July 2010

Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment pact

Album: The Modern Dance (Blank/Mercury, 1978) Chart pos:N/A

If it quacks likes a duck - Its a duck
It it walks like a duck - Its a duck
If it sings like a duck - Its probably Dave Thomas

Out of all the music i own (other than White Light/White Heat) this song pisses people off the most. This is because the first thirty seconds is a loud piercing din that one person compared to a fire alarm going off. After the thirty seconds up were presented with some aggressive Chuck Berry riffs and and some demented warbling courtesy of front man Dave Thomas. The rest of their debut sounded like Roxy Music being hijacked by an obese mental patient from Cleveland. But unlike the nihilism of other post punk bands Pere Ubu's music was a helluvah lot more quirky and offbeat than angst ridden.

As Pere Ubu's promo vids are (occasionally) hard to find I decided to post as many as possible

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