Friday, 30 July 2010

Pete Laughner - Cinderella Backstreet

Album: Take the Guitar Player For a Ride (Tim/Kerr,1995) Chart pos:N/A

A few days back i did a piece on Pere Ubu so I thought i would be a good idea to do a short piece on their original guitarist Pete Laughner who died prematurely from alcohol and drug abuse at the age of 24. All though the only solo work he left behind was a few roughly recorded demo's. The material was far removed from the punk scene which he emerged from. The melancolie dylan-esque number Cinderella Backstreet is one of the standouts from the scratchy demo's he left behind. He remains one of the greatest what-ifs in music as much of his material has gain a cult following and later this year a box-set is rumored to be in the works.

RIP Pete Laughner (1952-1977)

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