Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Vines - Highly Evolved

Album: Highly Evolved (Heavenly, 2002) Chark pos: UK#32

Inpiring momont by an uninspiring band.

When the album came out in 2002 it didnt last long in my collection. It was an album made by people who thought the Beatles and Nirvana were the be all and end all of music. In fact it was possibly one of the worst albums I ever decided to buy and the last time I ever listened to the sycophantic British music press.

Recently I heard the song that was the sole reason for buying the album and its still a pretty good tune. At 90 seconds long it's the pinnacle of economic songwriting allongside Wire's early output. Even though craig Nicholls is a tuneless, burgerjavascript:void(0) munching stoner he sound on surprisingly good form.

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