Saturday, 5 September 2009

Can - I Want More

Album: Flow Motion (Virgin, 1976) Chart pos: UK#26

Krautrock goes disco rock.

In 1976 Can made it on Top of the Pops and even having the honor of Noel Edmunds introducing them on with an obligatory bad pun. The funny thing about this song in particular is that its one I’ve always a soft spot for despite not being a massive fan of the band. Its possibly due to the fact this song sounds a more like a slightly creepy Georgio Moroder production than their earlier avant-garde psychedelic rock with its mix of funky wah wah guitars, hypnotic electronica and distorted vocals. Anyone who likes this song should try and procure a copy of Moroder’s 1977 album From Here to Eternity an album that almost makes disco look credible.

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