Sunday, 20 September 2009

David Holmes - I Heard Wonders

Album: The Holy Pictures (Canderblinks/Mercury, 2008) Chart pos: N/A

Today I am going to look at a song from one of 2008’s most overlooked releases, David Holmes’ fourth album The Holy Pictures. The lead single I Heard Wonders hinted at something closer to the music of Brian Eno and Neu!, with its repetitive and hypnotic rhythms and icy electronic textures with David Holmes very own hushed vocals in the background. The overall effect is the complete opposite of the funky, hip hop influenced electronica of his previous album. Although less outgoing and more leftfield than some of his previous work I Heard Wonders the is still a joyous song, a celebration of life rather than something more downbeat. Its a standout track on an amazing album which encompasses themes such as growing up , loss and fatherhood. Essentially the go to guy for film soundtracks created a soundtrack to his life. This is an album that surely deserves a cult fan base despite the muted critical response and poor sales.

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