Monday, 14 September 2009

Radiohead - Lucky

Album: Ok Computer (Parlophone,1997) Chart Pos : N/A

Dark Side of The Moon 90’s style.

I find it difficult to hate Radiohead despite that the fact that their music has little in the way of levity and I find Thom Yorke's existential angst tiring at times . Ok Computer, thier third album the album that launched Radiohead amongst pantheon of bands deemed critic proof i.e. that means sitting near the top of every sodding top 100 albums list next to The Beatles and U2. But despite the endless praise iv’e never been a huge fan of Ok Computer as I would probably put forward The Bends or Kid A as a better album, yet there are moments on the album that still impress. Lucky, the penultimate track on Ok Computer is one of those , the songs haunting background harmonies and soaring guitars sound scarily like early 70’s era Pink Floyd, possibly sparking the myriad Pink Floyd comparisons. From then on the band found themselves shaking off prog comparisons for the next part of their career while garnering the occasional (if not overtly rapturous) praise from some of prog rock’s old guard, including former members of Pink Floyd.

I thought of adding this video of Miley slagging off Radiohead, its funny the amount of times some Radiohead fans actually defend and condone Thom’s rudeness. I also can remember reading an interview where Jack Black claims he was actually blanked to his face by Thom when Jack complimented him on the show he just played. I wonder how Thom would feel if one of his musical hero’s snubbed him.

Oh and by the way here's a reggae version of the song.

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