Friday, 11 September 2009

Jeff Beck - Beck’s Bolero

Album: Truth (EMI, 1968) Chart Pos UK#14 (as B-side to Hi-Ho Silver Lining)

The lost art of the B-side, part one of an occasional series.

A B-side that has more of a bigger reputation that the novelty hit that it backed, a song that has been described as a being a precursor to both progressive rock and heavy rock. The first part of the song is built around a rhythm similar to Maurice Ravel’s Bolero before launching into his slightly overdriven lead guitar before the sound of crashing symbols heralds a louder heavier changer of gear before reverting back the Bolero rhythm amongst heavily distorted guitar. The song manages to fuse classical and blues-rock influences beautifully while deftly sidestepping any music excess. This is proof alone that the single while a thing of the past in the download age will still be sorely missed, especially the hidden gems that ended up on the flipside.

Oh I decided to include a performance of Bolero in this post, it’s a tune that’s also been pilfered by Andrew Lloyd-Webber but at least Jeff Beck has an original thought in his head unlike that shameless hack.

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