Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Donald Fagen - I.G.Y.

Album: The Nightfly (Warner Bros,1982) Chart pos: US#26

Donald Fagan’s debut solo album The Nightfly sounded so much like a Steely Dan album that it could almost pass as one. Continuing in the same slick psuedo-jazz vein, Donald Fagan managed to stretch his wry lyricism into a conceptual album about the America of his childhood in the 50’s. I.G.Y the opening track brilliantly sets up the theme of the album, the track deals with pre-Kennedy era patriotism and scientific optimism. Fagan sings from a first person perspective of someone taken in by all the buoyancy of the era while making increasingly improbable predictions as the song progresses. Donald Fagans dryly ironic tone suggests that unlike the line "Well, by '76, we'll be A-OK" that America will be taken down a darker less optimistic road culminating in Vietnam and Watergate.

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