Sunday, 15 August 2010

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies

Album: Billion Dollar Babies (Warner,1973) Chart pos: US#57

I was thinking to myself if Bill Hicks would of lived who would be the targets for his vitriol. I must admit i found it hilarious when he viciously attacked rock stars hawking products.I think one of the rock stars he would have laid into is his childhood idol Alice Cooper.

This is because typing in the words Alice, Cooper and Commercial into You Tube and their is numerous commercials starring the Coop everything ranging from golf clubs (pretty fucking obvious), television Sets, hotel chains, car tyres and stationary. Personally I don't see what the fuss is about and I must admit I find the one with Ronnie Corbett quite amusing.

In all honesty until recently I didn't think Alice Cooper would be my cup of tea until I read that he was a big influence on The Ramones and John Lydon so i decided to get Billion Dollar Babies and thought it was quite a good album. One of my favourite songs is the title track from the album where twee folkie Donovan does a surprisingly good vocal guest spot. Its enough to make anyone thing that he should of ditched being a folkie and embarked on a career in heavy rock instead.

Here's some Alice Cooper commercials.

And there's more from where they came from...

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