Friday, 6 August 2010

Nolan Porter - Keep On Keeping On

Album: Nolan (Probe/ABC,1972) Chart pos:N/A

A while back when I went to see the documentary on Joy Division at the cinema there was a moment where the band described their attempts to get signed to a major label. The daftest moment was when some A&R guy from RCA tries to mould them into a soul band by making them play Nolan Porter's song Keep On Keeping On, a song which around this time was a popular song in Northern Soul circles. Bernard Sumner said the results were ridiculous as they tried to make Ian Curtis sound like James Brown. But it seems they took quite allot from this experience and the basis of the song Interzone from Unknown Pleasures is essentially the main riff of Keep on Keeping on.

The album Nolan has never been released on CD (hell there is even no allmusic listing) and vinyl copies are usually sold for over a hundred dollars and is usually snapped up by Zappa completests as the LP has the original members of the Mothers of Invention Jimmy Carl Black and Roy Estrada played on it. Its annoying that even the two cuts that he released from the album are non-existent on any in print northern soul compilation.

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