Saturday, 21 August 2010

Love - Live and Let Live

Album: Forever Changes (Elektra,1967) Chart pos:N/A

Oh the snot hath caked against thy pants.

Forever Changes is in my opinion one of the greatest albums ever made, listening sounds like viewing the whole hippie movement die a slow death while getting front row seats. Beneath the occasional tweeness of the album, i came away with the impression that that all the late sixties managed to do was produce drug casualty after drug casualty. This can be seen on the track Live and Let Live where the lyrics seem to come out of some dark drug induced haze. Despite making a great album the band didn't have a happy ending with two members turning to crime by sticking up doughnut shops* and three members dying at a (relatively) young age.

*its a myth but it sounds good.
Funnily enough one of my biggest regrets was never seeing Arthur Lee live before he passed on as he played in Somerset twice in 2005.

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