Thursday, 12 August 2010

MGMT - Song for Dan Trecey

Album: Congratulations (Columbia, 2010) Chart Pos: N/A

MGMT's second album Congratulations was an album i expected to dislike, this is down to the fact that Oracular Spectacular was one of the most disappointing albums i ever bought and lets say was soon sold on EBay. Outside Time to Pretend and Electric Feel the only other song i liked was Weekend Wars which with its stylistic shifts kind of showcased the direction the band headed for their second album. With 2010's Congratulations they moved away from obvious radio hits. Despite going to extremes with Siberian Breaks which felt like many different songs shoddily thrown together the rest of the album worked. Song for Dan Treacy is an uptempo psychedelic number that pays tribute to the troubled Television Personalities front man is possibly the main standout track from the album.

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