Monday, 9 August 2010

The Contours - A Little Misunderstnading

Album: N/A (Gordy,1966) Chart Pos: #85 US/ #31 UK (1970 re-issue)

The Contours were one of the multitude of Motown acts that slipped through the net. Their sole hit was 'Do you Love Me' which reached #4 in the US and the only other time they troubled the charts was with the same song more than a quarter of a century later after it was used in Dirty Dancing.  The thing is if it wasn't for the Northern Soul scene much of their oeuvre would have been forgotten. This number which was co-written by a teenage Stevie Wonder became a hit in the UK four years after its initial release due the fact that this song was a staple of Northern Soul all-nighters. It's a song that should have been big but for reasons unknown it slipped into obscurity.

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