Thursday, 5 August 2010

Eddie Kendricks - People Hold On

Album: People Hold On.. (Motown, 1972) Chart pos:N/A

Ex-Temptation Eddie Kendricks recorded output has always been difficult to obtain until recently as about 90% or so was unavailable on CD until fans badgered the record company for a limited release (which is out of print now, but available to download). The album People Hold On.. has had something of a cult following and is regarded as a lost 70's soul classic. I first heard this song on a cheap funk compilation that I had bought in France about 4 years ago. The mix of tribal drumming and Eddie Kendricks plea for unity among fellow African-Americans is possibly the best track on the album. Unfortunately while the albums good nothing sounds as out there as the title track although proto-disco classic Girl You Need a Change of Mind nearly reaches the same heights.

RIP Eddie Kendricks (1939-1992)

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