Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Slowdive - Alison

Album: Sovulaki (Creation, 1993) Chart pos:N/A

In 1994 Shoegazing was dismissed as music for bourgeoisie students, much of this was down to the fact that by this time working-class bands like Pulp and Oasis were the order of the day. Looking back years after Britpop it's easy to see that the scene became too bloody conservative for its own good and deserved to die a swift death. Nowadays it seems that time has been quite kind to bands like Slowdive as the whole Shoegaze scene seems to be going for a revival and at a time where we've been spoon fed second rate Strokes copyists this can't be a bad thing. Alison from the 1993 album Sovulaki is one of their finest finest moment even though it sounds like nearly every other Shoegaze band with its reverby guitars and ethereal vocals it manages to be the nearest the band ever did to a genuine pop song. Unfortunately the band did one more album (1995's sparse Pgymalion) before splitting and reforming as folk/alt-country band Mojave 3.

Unfortunately the album is OOP at the time of writing but there is the possibility of their albums being re-released soon.


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