Sunday, 29 August 2010

Os Mutantes - A Minha Menina

Album: Os Mutentes (Polydor,1968) Chart pos:N/A

 Like Syd gone bossanova.

Os Mutentes (The Mutants) were Brazil's answer to the psychedelic bands that emerged both sides of the Atlantic. Their early music sounded something akin to Pink Floyd circa Piper at the Gates of Dawn goes Bossanova. A Minha Menina is one of the stand out tracks from the album but is at the same time the most conventional, as other songs have a more experimental edge was the band experimented with some rather offbeat sounds. The band recorded an English version titled She's My Shoo Shoo in 1970 that languished in the vaults for 30 years before being released in 2000.

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